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Tess tessm at bigpond.com
Thu Sep 2 01:23:28 UTC 2004

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 23:18:26 -0400 From: seth vidal 
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>> 1.    I've been told to move everything out of the default 
>> /var/yum/cache path and place it in /, creating a directory called 
>> repository. This is because the /var partiton could be overwritten 
>> during kernel upgrade/re-formatting and in /repository/yum/Fedora/etc it 
>> will be protected.

//nothing gets overwritten during kernel upgrade. Not sure who told you
//that but they're way out in left field.
//You can put a repository wherever you want. There is no path limitation
//on a repository tree.

I was told that if I upgrade my FC1 server to FC2, /var will be overwritten so the repository had to be in it's own dir under /. We have an IT consultant on campus..that's where it came from, I just don't understand why..hence I'm asking you guys!

>> 2.    I have to exclude all kernel updates from automatically going 
>> through to the clients because otherwise I will just "break" the ws. Now 
>> is this what you guys have been recently talking about?..so I just drop 
>> an exclude line in the yum.conf?

//why do you think it would break the workstation?

A few people have said that when they've done a straight update with no kernel exclusions, often they lose specific drivers  which has caused big problems, ie the ws fails to boot properly etc. I know I also have to exclude LDAP updates when using RADIUS, but are there any others I should be thinking of? Or is this a furphy and they must be doing something else wrong? 

>> I was planning to use rsync to mirror another repo somewhere, preferably 
>> in Australia and then set the server to update nightly via cron.daily. I 
>> also have to go out thru a proxy and have set this in root's .bashrc as< 
>> set http_proxy="http://172.xx.xx.xx:<port>/"> but is this the best place 
>> really?

//for now, yes, it is the best place.

Then I still must be doing something wrong because it doesn't work. I can only get out thru the proxy when I manually enter  #export http_proxy=etc every session


Thanks so far, Tess

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