[Yum] conutinuing a download when connection fails

Lawrence, Steve Steve.Lawrence at factiva.com
Wed Sep 1 15:03:42 UTC 2004

Go back through the archives. Look for a message header : [Yum] Adding
Wget to Yum for Package Downloads

Paul Dickson created a patch which he generously provided to the list.

On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 12:18 -0700, Paul Dickson wrote:
> The attached patch is against 2.0.7 that's from Freshrpms.net.  It 
> adds the command-line options --use-wget or --wget which causes 
> downloading to be done with wget.

However, be warned that Seth replied thusly :

>Hi Paul,
> Thanks for the patch, but I don't think I'm going to merge it. It
won't work all that nicely with the new work in yum cvs HEAD code and
I'm not too keen >on making system calls to do it. 


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Subject: [Yum] conutinuing a download when connection fails

Is it possible to make yum continue a download if connection fails, or
to carry on from where it got to when it is restarted. like using wget
-c. this would be really useful as i am using a dial up connection that
has a 2 hour limit (approx 20mb max).

thanks sa,

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