[Yum] Install RPM and YUM updates for Yellow Dog

Andres Reitze areitze at mac.com
Mon Nov 29 20:42:18 UTC 2004

Hi All,

I'm new to linux and started off with Fedora 3 at my office, liked it so
much that I installed Yellow Dog 4.0 to my iBook 700 G3 yesterday, now
it flyes compared to when it had OS X.  I love os X, but needed a change
and found it in yellow Dog, well actualy in Linux..   loved linux...  

But I can't get the hand of installing RPM's and neither using the YUM
thing, that I still don't understand how it works...  Up untill now in
Fedora 3 I use APT-GET and Synaptic so it can be with a gui, graphical.
In terminal I'm completly lost, can bearly install something, so I need
Graphics bad...

How can I do this???  

1.- I need to install the RPM i downloaded , the APT pakage...
2.- I need to get some Graphical interface for APT or YUM if posible to
be able to install things like JAVA that I can't install...
3.- It all has to be in Gnome since i left out KDE from my iBook, hate
it, to windowish, love Gnome...   2.8 is the one I use in Fedora 3...

Thx for any help you can give me...


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