[Yum] YUM openssl update on RH 8

SBD help at codefit.com
Fri Nov 26 07:00:08 UTC 2004


I installed yum-2.0.3-5.rh.fr on a RH 8 box.  I ran “update yum” to check
and update packages.    One package that came back as a needed update was
openssl; current version I have is openssl-0.9.6b-35.8.  According to
www.openssl.org, the newest package is openssl-0.9.7e.  After running
update, even though a list of 5 packages came back that needed updating, (I
believe) none of them were installed.

I did an rpm –qa openssl; it’s the same openssl-0.9.6b-35.8 version.
According to YUM, even though a newer RPM for openssl named i686
0.9.6b-36.8.legacy is available from legacy, apparently(?) older than the
version www.OPENSSL.org recommends.  On install attempt, "yum install
openssh" I got message back - "openssh is installed and is the latest
version.  No actions to take".   YUM would not install the newer legacy
openssl update.  Do I truly have the latest version of openssl (should I
believe YUM)?  Or do I need to update openssl without YUM,using the
www.openssl.org tar.gz file instead?  Or is there another way to update to
newest openssl version using YUM?

I was wondering if the Legacy openssl version is numbered differently than
the OPENSSL version?

Any info appreciated.

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