[Yum] filesystem rpm upgrade

Dan Furlani dan.furlani at earthling.net
Sat Mar 20 08:42:19 UTC 2004

a long long time ago seth wrote:
> I think this is when you go from python 2.2 to python 2.3 and suddenly
> all the modules are gone.

Is there some workaround, or something I should do afterward to patch
things up right?  I notice that the new kernel is not default...

Not sure if that's related to my next problem:

I've 'yum upgrade'd my rh8.0 system to fc1, and now to fc2-test1.
I noticed in both upgrades that the filesystem package didn't get
upgraded -- I still have filesystem-2.1.6-5 installed, even though
filesystem-2.2.3-2 seems to be the latest.  This wasn't a problem
before, but now something (2.6 kernel?) is looking for a /sys
filesystem.  I could create it manually and edit /etc/fstab, but
I'd rather have the files associated with an rpm for upgradability.
If I do 'yum upgrade filesystem' it tells me:
   No Upgrades available for filesystem.

This is strange to me...
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