[Yum] BUG: yum-arch -q is not really quiet

Michael Stenner mstenner at ece.arizona.edu
Fri Mar 12 16:23:27 UTC 2004

On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 12:05:22AM +0000, Torkil Zachariassen wrote:
> I am running yum-arch in some cron scripts, and want
> it to run quietly when things are fine. Here is what happens:
>  $ yum-arch -l -q . 2>&1
>  Writing header.info file
> To me this is a bug I would like see removed.
> vh ...torkil... on RH73 with yum-1.0.3-3.rh.fr

Basically, development has stopped on that branch for all but security
or data-corruption problems.  I suggest you work around this issue by
piping the output through "grep -v".

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