[Yum] retrygrab failed

Markus Bertheau twanger at bluetwanger.de
Wed Mar 10 14:39:36 UTC 2004

On Втр, 2004-03-09 at 09:32 -0700, Michael Stenner wrote:

> export PYTHONPATH=/usr/share/yum
> ./dropped_keepalive_test.py http://yourmirror.org/path/to/file.hdr
> Tell me what that does.  If it produces any kind of negative result,
> please paste in the entire result.

Will do.

> Oh, there's nothing else interesting in your setup, is there?
> Proxies, etc?

I'm behind a linux 2.4 nat box, but I doubt that that is relevant :)

Markus Bertheau <twanger at bluetwanger.de>

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