[Yum] Using yum to update rpms without installation

Karsten Jeppesen karsten at jeppesens.com
Wed Mar 10 01:13:24 UTC 2004

Maybe this is stupid, but wouldn't it be easier to just use a 
combination of 'rsync' and wget from whatever repositories you want and 
then just run yum-arch locally?

Yum-arch doesn't care how many copies you have of the same package. It 
will find the newer one (version-wise).


On Mar 9, 2004, at 13:13, seth vidal wrote:

> On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 14:56 -0600, Josh More wrote:
>> I am looking for a tool to keep disk-only respositories in sync
>> with what is on the net.  I am making a single-disc linux distro
>> based off FC1, and would like to be able to include packages that
>> they do not.  Ideally, I would have a structure as follows:
>> ~build/new_linux
>> ~build/repositories/fedora
>> ~build/repositories/freshrpms
>> ~build/repositories/atrpms
>> ~build/repositories/newrpms
>> etc.
>> Where I would have a list of what packages should be kept up to date
>> in the repositories.  Then I would like to use yum to keep the
>> directories in sync with the rest of the net.  I could then merge
>> the RPMs together that I wanted, and generate an ISO containing
>> those RPMs, to simplify installation and updating.
>> However, glancing through the yum man page, I do not see a way
>> to download, but not install, an rpm.  Is there a way to do this,
>> or should I work on extending yum?
>> Apologies if this has been asked before.  I did not see a way to
>> search the list.
> look at the latest daily releases --download-only should be there, to 
> be
> honest I don't think the functionality you describe is really what --
> download-only does, moreover I'm not sure if it belongs in yum. I think
> it would be perfectly reasonable to have a short script that reads a 
> set
> of yum repositories and returns to you the newest packages (keyed on
> name, arch) from that set.
> It's probably 2 hours of work at most.
> -sv
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