[Yum] bug in yum 2.0.5

Tuomo Soini tis at foobar.fi
Thu Mar 4 09:11:36 UTC 2004

seth vidal wrote:

> But it doesn't know how to order packages beyond what rpmlib tells it.

You are absolutely right. Command line rpm has same problem. It won't 
reorder packages, it installs packages in order given, just like yum 
does. But here is one difference: yum does know which packages are 
installed because of requirements of others.

> You're right - it doesn't do this, quite intentionally, if yum did all
> of this then i'd be rewriting a lot of transaction ordering from rpm.
> The whole point in using the rpmlibs and ts.order() is to NOT rewrite
> all that.

Only thing to make this work better easily would be:

Add requirements at top of installed packages list. Because RPM installs 
packages in order given to it. So if Requirement packages are added, 
they should be appended at start of installed packages list, not bottom. 
   This won't fix it in every case but it will fix most of cases.

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