[Yum] virtual provides resolution in "yum install"

Erik LaBianca erik at totalcirculation.com
Tue Mar 2 19:49:45 UTC 2004

Are there plans to support virtual provides resolution under "yum

For instance, with apt, you can type "apt-get install 'perl(Net::DNS)'"
and apt will say: "Selecting perl-Net-DNS for 'perl(Net::DNS)'" and then
install perl-Net-DNS.

Trying the equivalent with yum ("yum install 'perl(Net::DNS)'") results
in yum saying "Cannot find a package matching perl(Net::DNS)"

Yum obviously has the plumbing in place to handle this, since typing 
	yum provides "perl(Net::DNS)"

Gives you this:

Looking in available packages for a providing package
Available package: perl-Net-DNS.noarch 0:0.31-3.2 from base matches with
1 results returned
Looking in installed packages for a providing package
No packages found

I'd like to be able to port mach to use yum, with the long-term goal of
a having a clean build system that handles BuildRequires resolution. In
order to build perl packages, and probably many others, it's necessary
to be able to install dependencies based on a virtual provides, rather
than only by a package name.


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