[Yum] Installing all from a specific archive

Michael Stenner mstenner at ece.arizona.edu
Thu Jun 17 15:50:25 UTC 2004

On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 08:57:00AM -0600, Alan Sparks wrote:
> I'd like to create a local Yum archive with company-standard RPMs, and
> be able to install them reasonably easily.  Is there some means to tell
> Yum to do something algorithmically like:
> yum -R "my repository" install "*"
> (where, obviously, "my repository" is a repository named in my yum.conf)
> Thanks for any hints or suggestions... 

Create a yumgroups.xml file in your repository (google will show you
many examples) and then do "yum groupinstall 'Server de Alan'", etc.
You can then add new rpms to the group and groupupdate will snag them
automatically.  There are a couple of tools out there for
automatically generating a yumgroups.xml file from rpms listed on the
command line.


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