[Yum] yum failover url problem.

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jun 15 20:17:59 UTC 2004

> It does not matter when you have got a fat pipe and can connect to
> multiple repositories. But, believe me...if you got a slow dial-up link
> and yum can recognize a LOCAL repository (on the Lan), through a
> configuration parameter, and prefers it over a remote repository and
> uses the remote one only for the failed files...it really makes a
> difference.
> Of course, now the burden to ensure that local repository files are
> uncorrupted, falls upon the user. Esentially one will have to write a
> script to checksum & verify the file, delete & re-download the files
> that fail. If these features are built into yum, it will help the new
> users a lot.

and the real burden falls to me to implement the features. This takes
time and testing. And of course features are not free, they require
maintenance going forward.

> IAC, Tell me a bit about yourself.You seem to reply to most of the mails
> on this list ;-)

I'm the lead author of yum. Look in the AUTHORS file for other folks who
contribute or have contributed to it.


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