[Yum] First Run...: Yum.conf....& command..please advise if correct

Sanjay Arora skpobox at softhome.net
Tue Jun 15 09:29:44 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 14:15, Nigel Metheringham wrote:

> Well your rpm database is likely to be inconsistent - we really should
> rename the --nodeps switch to be
> --nodeps-and-i-really-do-realise-this-will-fuck-my-system-and-i-will-take-the-consequences since it might just stop people using --nodeps all the time.
I am coming to realize that. Always updated manually. Yum is good but
needs workarounds when you have some packages compiled from source.

And I have qmail on all three of my systems...will face the same problem
on all of them....Well...the school of hard knocks works!

> You may be able to install sendmail and configure it off plus replace
> the /usr/sbin/sendmail symlink to point at qmail (so the 2 don't
> interfere with one another) - you should look at alternatives (the
> package) to see how to set the links to your MTA).
Thats seems to be the only thing left. Does yum provide a way to update
without applying a particular dependency rpm, if specially asked
somewhere on command line or conf file? Looked for such a thing in vain.
Anybody know anything?

Does Apt package provide such a feature?

> You could also see if you could find out what it is that has the
> sendmail deps - try
> 	rpm -q --whatrequires smtpdaemon
Yeah!! Worked...fetchmail & mutt...but am using fetchmail ;-) No wonder
they call it dependency hell!!

Thanks Nigel. Any other workaround...other than what Nigel suggested?


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