[Yum] First Run...: Yum.conf....& command..please advise if correct

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Mon Jun 14 22:33:42 UTC 2004

> Have installed Qmail, so Sendmail was uninstalled. Sendmail was a
> dependency for net-snmp which was further dependency for ethereal &
> ethreal-gnome respectively. Uninstalled all thee with rpm -e --nodeps
> command.

using --nodeps leads to insanity. Satisfy your deps correctly and you'll
be much happier.

> Now rpm -q --whatrequires sendmail responds No package requires
> Sendmail. Yum still insists on installing sendmail and insists it is to
> satisfy dependency. On saying N to this it exits.....What to do?

something you're trying to update to requires sendmail. hence the
dependency. Add your base repository for the total distro to your
yum.conf and it will pull in sendmail properly.


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