[Yum] Translation to French

Silurus Team silurus at octopodus.com
Sat Jun 12 18:54:51 UTC 2004


I merged lots of your (good) suggestions.

I commented your patch, usually telling why I kept something or just 
forgot it. There is however a few questions I put between $$

Are you ok if I add you in the credits list for this translation ? You 
definitly deserve it.

Thanks a lot for your job. I'll spank my proofreader

I meant to send you this message privately, but I can't figure out your 
email address (thias AT rpmsfrais.net doesn't work)

Matthias Saou wrote:

>Silurus Team wrote :
>>We did a French translation of yum.pot (the latest version 1.3 grabbed 
>>from CVS), the French po files is attached.
>>The translation was proofread, and comments are welcome.
>There were still a couple of typos and missing trailing dots. Also, many
>lines ended up going over 80 columns, which makes the output less readable
>in some cases (--help for instance). Attached is a patch against that file
>after a quick review. Some translations were clearly wrong, but overall
>it's really good.
>The biggest doubt I have is whether "en-tête" is masculin or feminin? If
>it's feminin, please disregard the changes I made to it in the first part
>of the file ;-)
>Feel free to include some of my changes, but don't feel like you're
>obliged to in any way.
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>Yum at lists.dulug.duke.edu

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