[Yum] rpm installs without yum - but not when in yum repo.

Paul Pianta pantz at lqt.ca
Tue Jun 8 14:18:27 UTC 2004

seth vidal wrote:

>The only guess I have is memory-related errors.
>Have you tried running memtest86 on this machine? Running yum will
>exercise memory a good deal better than just rpm from the command line.
>If you've got some flaky ram in the system then it could cause this
>behavior. (and lots of other odd behavior)
Hey again,

I should have RTFM for yum a bit earlier because running 'yum clean 
headers' and 'yum clean packages' seems to resolve the problem.

Firstly, I removed the 2 troublesome headers in /var/yum/cache manually 
and found that re-running 'yum update' gave me the same old errors.
Next, I removed the 2 troublesome headers AND packages in /var/yum/cache 
manually and then running 'yum update' succeeded!

I would guess that 'yum clean all' would do the job too - but I'm not 
too clear on what 'oldheaders' means, so I'm not sure if it would remove 
the headers I want removed ...

Anyhoo - thanks seth for your help - and eternal thanks for yum :)


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