[Yum] I think I found a glitch in yum

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Jan 29 03:44:09 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 22:27, Ralph Shumaker wrote:
> I'm on Red Hat 9 running yum-2.0.3-0.fdr.1.rh90 over a dialup.
> I monitor the download progress by "ls -l 
> /var/cache/yum/redhat-updates/packages/filename*.rpm".  (A download 
> indicator would be nice, expecially if it includes the target size.  I 
> currently have to surf the net during the download to find the size it's 
> going to end up being.  In addition to the progress indicator for the 
> rpm currently being downloaded, it would be nice if yum also reports how 
> many rpms are awaiting download after the current one finishes.  Of 
> course, the download indicator would be totally not necessary for any 
> download time projected to be 30 seconds or less.  But this is only an 
> enhancement request.  The glitch I'm experiencing is just below.)

long parenthetical expression there.
yum 2.0.4 has a progress indicator. Upgrade.

> Occasionally, someone needs to use the phone.  Connection breaks for 5 
> minutes or so.  Connection re-established, but "ls -l 
> /var/.../filename*.rpm" reports no further growth.  (I waited somewhere 
> around 5 minutes for it to resume.
> I have no way of nudging yum to continue.  I have no way to stop yum 
> except to find its pid and kill -9 it.
> Then, restarting, yum does not resume the download, but discards it and 
> begins anew.

restarting from failed downloads is not something that I have planned
any time soon.

> I'm not subscribed to any yum list.  Need I be to see responses to this 
> email?



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