[Yum] I think I found a glitch in yum

Ralph Shumaker rafazap at cwnet.com
Thu Jan 29 03:27:30 UTC 2004

I'm on Red Hat 9 running yum-2.0.3-0.fdr.1.rh90 over a dialup.

I monitor the download progress by "ls -l 
/var/cache/yum/redhat-updates/packages/filename*.rpm".  (A download 
indicator would be nice, expecially if it includes the target size.  I 
currently have to surf the net during the download to find the size it's 
going to end up being.  In addition to the progress indicator for the 
rpm currently being downloaded, it would be nice if yum also reports how 
many rpms are awaiting download after the current one finishes.  Of 
course, the download indicator would be totally not necessary for any 
download time projected to be 30 seconds or less.  But this is only an 
enhancement request.  The glitch I'm experiencing is just below.)

Occasionally, someone needs to use the phone.  Connection breaks for 5 
minutes or so.  Connection re-established, but "ls -l 
/var/.../filename*.rpm" reports no further growth.  (I waited somewhere 
around 5 minutes for it to resume.

I have no way of nudging yum to continue.  I have no way to stop yum 
except to find its pid and kill -9 it.

Then, restarting, yum does not resume the download, but discards it and 
begins anew.

I'm not subscribed to any yum list.  Need I be to see responses to this 

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