[Yum] Download unstable?

Karsten Jeppesen karsten at jeppesens.com
Thu Jan 29 00:07:12 UTC 2004

> Also, it wouldn't work for your current interactive shell, it would be 
> for
> the shell fired up by rpm to process %post.  So even if it were a good
> idea (it isn't), it wouldn't work anyway.

Yeah - that is unfortunately true. I am busy getting my repository to 
work so that one slipped.
Well - the 2.0.4 works nicely, and I have added a script for my 
costumers to select the fastest known mirrors based on YDL mirror 
Now I just have to fix some minor errors in another rpm....

But as I said - yum now works nicely - thanks for the assistance - all 
of you.


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