[Yum] Download unstable?

Karsten Jeppesen karsten at jeppesens.com
Wed Jan 28 17:12:58 UTC 2004

The version distributed by YDL is 1.0.1. Yum doesn't have a --version 
flag btw.

> Most of the time download failures are the fault of an overloaded 
> mirror
> or a bad connection.

Yes - if everything worked perfect - we wouldn't need yum either. One 
download would be it.
But back to the real world.
My question still stands: Why not use wget for download. Parameters 
could be set in the yum.conf file.
And then you wouldn't have to maintain that piece.
It is quite annoying that to do a 20 file update it takes more than 3 
hours and 15 restarts. And I am still not done.
I am just running through what I propose exposing our customers to. 
Since I have local mirrors, then I can just reset to those, but the guy 
in South Africa???

I would strongly suggest interfacing with wget


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On Jan 27, 2004, at 16:50, seth vidal wrote:

> On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 19:16, Karsten Jeppesen wrote:
>> It appears to me as if yum from time to time fails to download 
>> packages.
>> You will then have to restart yum and delete the last file fragment.
>> Why not use wget for the download part?
> what version are you seeing this failure on? Yum has a settable
> 'retries' option for the number of times to retry a failed or partial
> connection. It only exits after the retries count is exhausted. That
> number defaults to 6.
> Most of the time download failures are the fault of an overloaded 
> mirror
> or a bad connection.
> -sv
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