[Yum] [wishlist] - Developer-centric features

Eli eli at pflash.com
Sat Jan 24 16:15:56 UTC 2004

Wishlist items for the TODO list.  :)

yum source <package>
- download the source rpm for the given package to the current directory
(Maybe have an option to download to a cache directory.)

yum build-dep <package>
- Install build dependencies (BuildRequires & BuildPreReq) for the given 

Accept local rpm files as a <package> argument.  (Especially for 'install' and 

These are features I would find very handy.  Anyway, feel free to ignore since 
no patches are attached.  :)

(What, me a fan of apt-get?  Naawwww, couldn't be... ;) )

Have fun,

Eli Carter

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