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Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Jan 22 18:14:03 UTC 2004

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, C.Lee Taylor wrote:

> Greetings ...
>     Thanks Robert for your reply, both options would be an idea, but a 
> little out of my league, for one, I think I will just setup a proxy 
> server, and get all my servers to run through that, and for the queuing 
> system, I think I will just keep my scratch pad next to me and write 
> down what I want for now.

Naaa, it's not out of your league.  There are step by step instructions
for at least the rsync option on the yum HOWTO and/or the yum article on
my website.  If you have a few spare GB of space on any partition I'd
urge that you give the rsync method a try (and give me feedback on the
directions at the same time).  So don't worry, I'll catch you if you
fall (if not me, other list members:-), and fix the documentation at the
same time.

Look under


for links to the yum documentation that tells how, complete with
step by step examples involving real servers...

Seriously, if you think setting up a proxy server is part of an
acceptable solution, rsync-mirroring should be a piece of cake.

Oh, and I forgot to even mention a second way to create a mirror that is
possibly even easier -- somebody on this list has written an application
called "yum mirror" using yum's urlgrabber and the file/header lists it
generates.  I think creating a mirror of a yum repository is a one step
process using this tool and doesn't even involve figuring out anonymous
rsync (or having a server that supports it).  Basically, if yum can use
a repository, you can mirror it in such a way that you can use the local
mirror instead.

Look on the list archives or maybe the main yum page (seth?) for a link
to yum-mirror -- I can't recall it offhand but its author is on the
list, of course and will probably speak out.


> Thanks again
> Mailed
> Lee
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