[Yum] Clean OldPackages ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Thu Jan 22 16:59:25 UTC 2004

Greetings ...

>>    I would like to run clean oldheaders/oldpackages once a week to 
>> clean out my yum cache, so that when I back it up, it does not take more 
>> than a CDR.

>yum clean packages
>doesn't that work?
	I am sure that it does, but I am looking for a script that cleans out packages that are old ... 

[leet at clee-taylor leet]$ ls /var/cache/yum/freshrpms/packages/grip-3.1.*

	I would like to keep all the new packages, but clean out/move older packages out of the cache directory so that when I do a backup of the cache directory, I get to keep only the lastest rpms, not all the updates between installation current ...

> you could use tmpwatch
	That would remove all the files, I don't think it understands the version information in an rpm ...


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