[Yum] YFRQ ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Wed Jan 21 15:14:45 UTC 2004

Greetings ...

    First, great system ... thanks to Seth and all the others that help ...

    This just another "Yet Another Feature ReQuest" ... I wonder how 
much time and trouble it would be to be able to amend how yum does 
installs of request rpms?  Well, again, I am some poor shmuck who does 
not have the fast internet connection.  So doing and install of rpms now 
going along the lines of "yum install xxxx", which then goes through the 
do you want install xxx and all xxx depends on ... I know that there is 
a command line options to enable to just do it ... but where my problem 
is, that once yum starts doing it's work, you should wait until it is 
done before doing another yum install ... Now, it would be great if we 
could almost queue the installations ... like "yum queue install xxx" 
and yum would either do it later or start now, but you could add to the 
queue while it was working, so that it would do it the next run ...

    I am sure there are alot of wholes in the basic idea, and I know 
things like yum install rpm-that-is-here is way more important than this 
silly idea, but I throught that I would put it out there.

Thanks again

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