[Yum] minor bug + correction

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jan 20 17:34:38 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 12:25, javier at rediris.es wrote:
> Hello, I've found a minor bug on yum, in function getupdatedhdrlist at the
> clientStuff module. It only appears for packages with multiple archs, and
> I have seen it on `yum list` (probably info and similar commans also), but
> it does not interfere with actual install/updating of packages.
> In my case, I have installed glibc for i686, and I get (using repos at DUKE)

are you testing this against the latest daily release? That code got a
bit of rework to work out some of the multiarch goofiness.

> # yum -d 0 list glibc
> glibc                               i386   2.3.2-27.9.7             updates    
> glibc                               i686   2.3.2-27.9.7             db         

what is exactarch set to in your /etc/yum.conf?

> The third patch is intended to make simpler the code, but it assumes that for
> the nevral which comes from rpm database it also happens that
> evr(name) == evr(name,arch)
> for any existing arch of the package. Although this is quite sensible and 
> should
> be true, it could produce unexpected results if I've been able to install for 
> example glibc-i386-2.3.2 and glibc-i686-1.2.2 at the same time.
> In this sense, the third patch makes the code less robust, and I'm not sure if
> to incorporate it is actually a good idea. In any case, I sent it also.

which means it will cause holy hell to break lose when you put it on an
x86_64 system and you could quite realistically have glibc.i686 and

take a look at the latest cvs snapshot of yum-2_0_X branch.


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