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javier at rediris.es javier at rediris.es
Mon Jan 19 16:28:06 UTC 2004


I'am working on a FIXME at nevral.getHeader
# FIXME - this should return a header object from rpmUtils

While doing this, I've realized of one change that simplifies a lot to fix the
FIXME, which is to rename the _getTag method of RPM_Base_Work object into a 
__getitem__ method. That allow to use  hdr['name'] instead of 
for every yum header object and also for brand rpm header objects.

It should be completelly transparent, and I have tested it with most of the
non-group commands of yum (including info, search, install and update).
It has worked without any problem.

Regarding the FIXME itself, I'm testing the changes, and I expect to send the
patch during this week.

							Javier Palacios

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