[Yum] Upgrade RH7 to RH9

Val Schmidt vschmidt at columbus.rr.com
Fri Jan 16 19:37:37 UTC 2004



I'm trying to upgrade RH7.2 to 9 as an intermediate step to Fedora.  [I'd go
straight to fedora if I could get it to work, but I've been unsuccessful -
long story.]  


Anyway, when I run 'yum upgrade' I get this. 


Resolving dependencies

.conflict between perl and perl-NDBM_File


as have others (in the list) when trying a similar stunt.  


I found a discussion on this from last May here:


However, perl-5.6.1-26.72.3 which is what's running on this antiquated
machine requires the perl-NDBM_File rpm, and as you might imagine, there are
loads of stuff that require perl.


So I appear to be at an impasse. Do you have any suggestions regarding how
to get around this, short of creating a set of disks and upgrading the
old-fashioned way? 







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