[Yum] Prevent YUM from installing kernel as dependency?

Mihai T. Lazarescu mihai at email.it
Mon Jan 12 12:41:05 UTC 2004

Sorry, Seth, looks like I missed to address the essential in
my post. :-)

Here it is.  I have installed:


There is a:


in DAG's repo.  YUM tries to upgrade my installed
kernel-module-ov511-2.26 to the repo newest,
kernel-module-ov511-2.27.  Up to this point is OK.

Problem is kernel-module-ov511-2.27 does not exist in the repo
for my kernel (kernel-2.4.22_1.2115.nptl).

At this point, I would want YUM to give up, since
I do not want it to attempt to install a new kernel
(kernel-smp-2.4.20-28.9.i686) to satisfy the dependency of a
new kernel module (kernel-module-ov511-2.27.)

YUM's behavior is instead to drag in
kernel-smp-2.4.20-28.9.i686 as a dependency of

This is unacceptable for me, since:

    * I would end up with a new kernel (which is not what I
      want YUM to do automatically);

    * even worst, the new kernel would not be for my
      architecture (which is single processor, not SMP).

The question is how can I prevent the kernel installation,
unless I explicitly ask for it on command line (e.g., yum
install kernel-whatever)?


On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, seth vidal wrote:

> > Is there a way to prevent YUM from installing a new (and wrong
> > kind and version) kernel as a dependency for a package update?
> > 
> > Specifically, 'yum update' results in:
> > 
> >     I will do the following:
> >     [install: kernel-smp 2.4.20-28.9.i686]
> >     [update: kernel-module-ov511 2.27-0_2.4.20_28.9.rh90.dag.i686]
> >     Is this ok [y/N]: n
> > 
> so I'm a bit confused.
> what version of kernel-module-ov511 do you have installed?
> -sv

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