[Yum] Prevent YUM from installing kernel as dependency?

Mihai T. Lazarescu mihai at email.it
Mon Jan 12 05:02:17 UTC 2004

Hello yummers!

Is there a way to prevent YUM from installing a new (and wrong
kind and version) kernel as a dependency for a package update?

Specifically, 'yum update' results in:

    I will do the following:
    [install: kernel-smp 2.4.20-28.9.i686]
    [update: kernel-module-ov511 2.27-0_2.4.20_28.9.rh90.dag.i686]
    Is this ok [y/N]: n

This is definitely not what I want and is not acceptable.
I do not have an SMP machine and my kernel is already 2.4.22.

Obviously, kernel-smp comes as dependency of
kernel-module-ov511, and no version 2.27 of kernel-module-ov511
is not available for my kernel, only version 2.26 (which
is installed).

In the config file I already have installonlypkgs set to a list
including kernel-smp.  With or without (using its default value)
the option, YUM behavior won't change.

I would expect installonlypkgs to prevent any automatic touch
of listed packages, unless explicitly supplied on the command
line following an install command, e.g.:

    yum install kernel-smp

Any hint to block this automatic behavior?  For now I disabled
automatic (cron) updates...  Thanks a lot!



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