[Yum] Difference between YUM and APT

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sat Jan 10 05:44:48 UTC 2004

> Here is my first posting and a question.
> I read a page "Obvious Questions" through:
> Q. Why not just use apt-rpm?
> A. a number of reasons
> But, I do not understand well still now.
> A number of "GOOD" reasons are raised for using YUM,
> instead of APT. It seems to me that any useful tool
> has always have two sides: merits and demerits.
> So that, it  would be appreciated if any explanations
> are given to these two package managers.

oh sure, there is lots of stuff wrong with yum. In worse case scenarios
yum can take a lot longer to process dependencies. Something that is
being worked on in a round-the-bout way.

> Or, there is no demerits at all to introduce YUM, compared
> with APT? That is a point, because Fedora Core Release 1
> (Yarrow) offers both YUM and APT, adding up2date, which
> may confuse users.

This discussion never bears useful fruit. Yum and apt tend to come at
the problem in ways that are different enough to make a comparison non
trivial. That 'why not just use apt-rpm' question is a leftover on the
webpage from when I used to get a lot of email from people telling me
not to bother with yum b/c apt rocked and I sucked.

I should probably just take it down b/c I don't get messages like that
very often.


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