[Yum] keepalive=0 [was: retrygrab() failed ...]

David Relson relson at osagesoftware.com
Fri Jan 9 22:41:18 UTC 2004

On 09 Jan 2004 17:32:32 -0500
seth vidal <skvidal at phy.duke.edu> wrote:

> > No proxies.  I run my own domain, firewall, etc and try to keep life
> > simple, if that's possible :-)
> your isp got one upstream maybe?

'Tis a DSL connection through a local isp that's reselling for one of
the biggies, though I forget which one.  AFAIK they just route to/from
my static ip.

How can I test?  Assuming I call them to ask, what exactly should  I

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