[Yum] stupid feature request?

Matthew Geier matthew at arts.usyd.edu.au
Thu Jan 8 23:16:14 UTC 2004

  I'm in a place that has the same http proxy setup. And every browser 
that I know of supports proxy exclusions.
  lynx even supports it via the no_proxy environment variable. (I was 
under the impression that the http transport library handled this not 
Lynx itself...)

  Why configure a proxy to block local? - well we didn't, and clients 
configured to pull local pages through the proxy were overloading the 
disk/cpu/network on the proxy servers - not many machines can cope with 
with multi megabits of similtatious in/and out via their disk and not 
slow down.... (Fast client on a fast switched LAN talking via local 
proxy server also on a fast switched LAN to a fast web server on a fast 
switched LAN, and the proxy server stuggles to shuffle the bits in and 
out. Multiple that by several hundred misconfigured users...)

  Basicly the proxy servers were being overwhelmed with local traffic, 
so the changed the configuration to refused to proxy such traffic.

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