[Yum] Creating yum repository on Debian

Jim Perrin perrin at ohio.edu
Thu Jan 8 14:50:57 UTC 2004

This is probably a good idea. I did this a few months back with a 
debian stable system, but I rebuilt python and rpm from source because 
it seemed to be less of a hassle. The rpm package. It took me about 3 
days of playing with the source, and if I honestly remembered what I 
did with it I'd post it for you. The other benefit to doing this is a 
more recent version of rpm, which means that when seth is happy with 
his metadata stuff, and yanks the headers from us, we won't be left in 
the cold ;-)

anyway good luck, and if I can find my notes on what I did, I'll post 
them for you.

On Jan 8, 2004, at 06:24, javier at rediris.es wrote:

>> I'd like to create a yum repository and host it on
>> a Debian (stable) machine.  Using rsync/wget/etc is
>> no problem, however I'd like to be able to add packages.
>> This would require a functional yum-arch.
>> Debian's rpm stuff doesn't have the python
>> /usr/lib/python1.5/site-packages/rpmmodule.so file
>> (part of the rpm-python-4.0.4-7x.18 package on my
>> Red Hat 7.3 box, for example) which pretty much kills
>> yum-arch.
>> Before I go trying to find source and compiling it myself,
>> I thought I'd ask if anyone has already been down this
>> road successfully.
> Although my case is quite different, I suggest you just extract the
> rpmmodule.so file from a rpm-python package and use it. We have the
> repository on a Solaris machine with rpm 4.0.2 from Rutgers university
> (it includes the python module), and python 1.6 from solaris freeware.
> The only problem is a warning message from python, telling that the
> rpm module is compiled for other python API (1.5). But the whole yum
> and the module works very good.
> Although I guess that any rpm-python from 4.0.x series should work 
> with any
> 4.0.x rpm binary, I think is much safer to get a rpmmodule from the 
> same
> rpm version you run.
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