[Yum] yum client error (proxy problem?)

Kraszewski, Marcin marcin.kraszewski at eds.com
Thu Jan 8 14:41:13 UTC 2004

yum-bounces at lists.dulug.duke.edu <> wrote on 7 January, 2004 18:18:

> On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 15:59, Kraszewski, Marcin wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am behind a proxy, so I created http_proxy variable. When I use
>> just the "proxy_name:port#", I get the above error. I checked the
>> archives and found a way to add userID and password, but when I tried
>> providing user:password in that variable, I got an error about an
>> invalid proxy port number. My proxy userID contains an '@' character,
>> I think that causes the port number error. Is there a way to make yum
>> client work on my network? TIA. 

> pull down the latest yum daily from:
> http://linux.duke.edu/yum/download/2.0/daily/
> then set keepalive=0
> under [main] in your yum.conf
> tell me if it fixes the problem.
> thanks
> -sv

Hi, Seth

I was having network problems yesterday, but when all was well (networkwise)
the error I got was:

[Errno 4] IOError: HTTP Error 407: Proxy Authorization Required

I tried to add "proxy-userid:passwd" to the http_proxy variable, but it does
not work. My proxy userID contains an '@' character, so the variable looks
like that:
http_proxy="http://userid@domain:passwd@my-proxy:8080/" and I get the
following error:

[Errno 7] HTTP Error (InvalidURL): nonnumeric port: 'passwd at my-proxy:8080'

I did what you suggested (updated yum and edited yum.conf), but am still
getting the same errors. Is there a way around that problem? TIA



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