[Yum] Yum cron defaults

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Jan 7 05:24:47 UTC 2004

> I attach a sample patch that adds syslog option in addition to output to 
> a file.  Just set syslog_ident=yum in /etc/yum.conf and it should send 
> exactly the same text from /var/log/yum.conf also to syslog with ident 
> string=yum (or whatever else you choose).  I also made it possible to 
> invoke Logger with file_name param so that Logger can take care of 
> opening the output file on its own - it is more self contained in this 
> way (the open statement before creating logger object  seemed out of 
> place, but that's just me :) ).

So here's an interesting tidbit. Michael Stenner wrote a version of
logger that was syslog-capable. In fact, I think he still has it. I'd be
curious to know how he implemented it.

Josko, could you take a look at:

and see if it is still there?

If not, I'll take another look at your patch and see what can be done.

I think syslogging yum output is a good idea. Care to write an epylog
module (http://linux.duke.edu/epylog/) to go along with it?

Would it be a worthwhile idea to change around the stuff that gets
syslogged so it syslogs more important things and/or a slightly
different layout for easier parsing?


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