[Yum] Re: Yum Digest, Vol 6, Issue 6

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jan 6 21:30:50 UTC 2004

> My original questions is whether it's possible -- in one shot -- to get a 
> list of all packages in configured repositories, whether or not they are 
> installed on the system.  I.e., a sort of "list repository" option.
> As it is, in order to get that full list, I currently run yum three times, 
> and then use perl to munge the lists.  The set of "available" plus the set 
> of "installed" minus the set of "extra" comprises the list of all packages 
> on the configured repositories.  Since, presumably, yum has that list in 
> order to compute available and updated packages in the first place, I 
> wanted to know if there is a list option (perhaps undocumented) to just 
> dump that list as a whole.

Well, I'd hope anyone writing a frontend wouldn't be screen scraping.

you could just parse the /var/cache/yum/*/header.info

and get the lists that way.

but then again all this header.info, etc stuff will be moot before long


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