[Yum] Creating yum repository on Debian

Brian Hatch bri at ifokr.org
Tue Jan 6 20:32:39 UTC 2004

I know it's been brought up before on the archives,
but I never saw any solution.

I'd like to create a yum repository and host it on
a Debian (stable) machine.  Using rsync/wget/etc is
no problem, however I'd like to be able to add packages.
This would require a functional yum-arch.

Debian's rpm stuff doesn't have the python
/usr/lib/python1.5/site-packages/rpmmodule.so file
(part of the rpm-python-4.0.4-7x.18 package on my
Red Hat 7.3 box, for example) which pretty much kills

Before I go trying to find source and compiling it myself,
I thought I'd ask if anyone has already been down this
road successfully.


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