[Yum] Re: Yum Digest, Vol 6, Issue 6

David Golden dg-junk at hyperbolic.net
Tue Jan 6 17:56:06 UTC 2004

>Date: 05 Jan 2004 13:13:37 -0500
>From: seth vidal <skvidal at phy.duke.edu>
>Subject: Re: [Yum] Re: Yum Digest, Vol 6, Issue 5
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>On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 13:10, David Golden wrote:
> > Apologies if this is in a FAQ somewhere, but I couldn't find it.
> >
> > Is there an easy way to pull a complete list of all packages available in
> > configured repositories?  There are list options for "installed"
> > "available" and "extra", but the complete list of repository packages has
> > to be computed set-wise as "installed - extra + available".
>I'm confused. All packages available in configured repositories is what
>yum list available is all about.
>what other information are you looking for.

This may be apropos given the other discussions about list options, I guess.

"list available" lists all packages in configured repositories that are 
*not* installed on the system.  Available in this sense means "available to 
be installed" not "contained within the repositories".

"list installed" lists all packages installed on the system regardless of 
whether they are from configured repositories or are extra packages.

"list extra" lists installed packages not from configured repositories.

My original questions is whether it's possible -- in one shot -- to get a 
list of all packages in configured repositories, whether or not they are 
installed on the system.  I.e., a sort of "list repository" option.

As it is, in order to get that full list, I currently run yum three times, 
and then use perl to munge the lists.  The set of "available" plus the set 
of "installed" minus the set of "extra" comprises the list of all packages 
on the configured repositories.  Since, presumably, yum has that list in 
order to compute available and updated packages in the first place, I 
wanted to know if there is a list option (perhaps undocumented) to just 
dump that list as a whole.

It would seem that that would be a useful feature for front-ends to yum 
that are trying to provide "repository browsing" capability.  In my 
particular case, I've been trying to manage through a Fedora upgrade from 
an older Redhat product, and yum seems to be the more reliable of package 
management options, but it's been hard to track across package name changes 
etc.  I wanted to browse the entire repository as a "clean" reference.

Ultimately, the perl script I wrote runs "yum info" across the three sets, 
parses the runs, combines installed and available for a complete listing 
any package on the system or in the repositories, groups everything by 
package type/subtype, and then lists package names, versions and summary, 
with a flag for whether something is installed out of the repository or an 
extra installed package.  An excerpt of the output follows ("Y" means 
installed from repository, "X" means an installed extra):

>? Package            Version    Summary
>Y hotplug            2003_08_05 A helper application which loads modules
>Y kernel             2.4.22     The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux o
>   kernel-BOOT        2.4.22     The version of the Linux kernel used on i
>Y kernel-pcmcia-cs   3.1.31     The daemon and device drivers for using P
>   kernel-smp         2.4.22     The Linux kernel compiled for SMP machine
>X ksymoops           2.4.5      The kernel oops and error message decoder
>Y modutils           2.4.25     Kernel module management utilities.
>   setarch            1.0        Personality setter

As it is, I've found a workaround with my perl swiss army knife -- but 
since yum has the full repository list anyway, I was just wondering if 
there's a way to access it directly through a list option?


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