[Yum] Yum cron defaults

Hedemark, Magnus mhedemark at trueposition.com
Tue Jan 6 12:41:39 UTC 2004

Josko Plazonic [mailto:plazonic at Math.Princeton.EDU] wrote:

> Let me think - I should write a wrapper processing yum output 
> and trying 
> to catch all the lines I want while checking from version to 
> version of 
> yum that Seth didn't change any output text that I was trying 
> to parse?  

GnuPG comes to mind as an example of how to intelligently handle output
*without* the need for calling external programs.  By default it gives you
human readable output, but with an optional command line switch it gives you
colon delimited output that is consistent from version to version.  That way
you can have all sorts of useful stuff being done with its output.  I use it
to get this: http://trilug.org/~chrish/keyanalyze.php (which would not be
practical with human readable output from GnuPG).

> I'll create a bugzilla entry if Seth thinks it's worth it - it's only 
> 40ish lines that can be done in many different ways in little 
> time, it 
> would be 10 lines with less config opts. I could in that case 
> also add a 
> bit of documentation to yum's man page.

You da man.

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