[Yum] Yum cron defaults

Josko Plazonic plazonic at Math.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jan 5 05:36:27 UTC 2004

seth vidal wrote:

> you can modify it - yum.cron is tagged as a config file.

Of course I can change it but I think for self administered machines 
that use central repositories it makes sense to get some kind of output 
by default.  Don't most people want to be notified when something like 
software upgrade happens with their machine?  Wouldn't you (and for the 
purpose of the exercise assume you don't have a local yum repository 
that you control and do testing on but rely on repositories from other 

>but keep in mind if you're running yum on > 5 machines - you really
>don't want ANY output unless it's an error.
>I'm running yum on 240 machines in my department. if I got a mail from
>each on success. Argh.
I have over 100 machines doing updates with autoupdate (not yum but same 
principles apply) from local dir and I do want emails from them when 
changes occur.  Even if I was not (quickly!) glancing at them to make 
sure everything looks good - disk space is cheap and procmail is your 
friend.  Not only do you make sure you didn't make some silly error but 
also slightly different update output sticks out (in mutt) among other 
reports and that can be useful. 

Hm, that makes me think - it should be doable to add a few lines to yum 
to get it to syslog it's basic actions.  Add to that a module for epylog 
that summarizes such output and you have a way to quickly see how many 
machines did a particular update... 

Josko P.

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