[Yum] a quieter 'yum-arch -q'

Troy Johnson taj at jdmz.net
Thu Jan 1 19:56:57 UTC 2004


I am using:

I have 'yum-arch -q [directory]' in a couple cron jobs and I was 
wondering if there is an option to leave out the 'ignoring...' and 
'Already...' messages in STDERR when '-q' is in effect. The reason for 
this is that I want to get messages like 'yum has exploded', but not for 
'yum saw X, but will keep doing what you want'.

I tried 'yum-arch -q [directory] > /dev/null' and I still got 
informational messages. I did 'yum-arch -q [directory] > /dev/null 2>&1' 
but that throws away everything.

I am sorry if this has already been discussed/decided/put-to-bed.

I have include a patch, and it does what I want, but I am not a python 
programmer, so please forgive the ugliness.

Thanks for reading,

Troy Johnson
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