[Yum] how to determine size of package

Paul Pianta pantz at lqt.ca
Thu Aug 12 19:27:52 UTC 2004

hi people

I would like to be able to determine the size of each package available 
in a yum repository - without doing a 'yum info' on each package. I want 
to be able to list the available packages on a web page with the size of 
the package next to it - then users can check the packages that they 
wish to be included in a 'yum update/install xxxx' and click the update 

Firstly I run a 'yum list' to get the list of what is available - and 
then run the results through 'rpm -q package[i]' to see if it is 
available for install or update (ie. if package exists locally - update, 
if not - install). The advantage of this pre-run 'yum list' is that I 
have all of the current headers on the client machine. What I then 
wanted to do was check header.info and pick out the size of each package 
and use it to display on my web page next to the package name.

Unfortunately package size is not one of the goodies in the header.info 
file for each package :\

Without hacking pullheaders.py - does anyone have an idea on how I can 
get package size info on the client (for the new packages on the yum 
server) ?



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