[Yum] Download restarting

Bevan Weiss kaizen__ at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 6 08:19:24 UTC 2004


Sorry if this has been done before on this mailing list, but...

Could I recommend including a download restarting method (like wget) so that
if a download exceeds the maximum number of retries then it is just put
aside to be downloaded at another time and the next download is processed.
At the moment I'm getting all kinds of error messages showing up when the
retries expire.  It then drops back to the command so no updating is done.

It's annoying that the download has to start from the beginning again.  With
the bigger files (such as kernel-source) I doubt it will ever successfully
download in the (default?) number of retries.

It makes me dread using yum for the big downloads...
Normally I download and install them seperately and then re-run yum.  I'd
prefer to just use yum, it would make the whole updating process more

Aside from that, awesome job with it :)


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