[Yum] yum performance

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bppiac.hu
Fri Apr 30 08:33:52 UTC 2004

is there any chance to improve yum performace? I don't know the current 
algorithm, but the current dependencies resolving is very slow? and as 
the number of repositories and package number are growing it's geting 
slower and slower. is like in the old XT world (when we has to do some 
progress bar like the .... in yum). wouldn't it be possible to 
store/generate some kind of additional information during the repository 
generation (when the time is not so important) in order to speed up the 
online usage of yum? or rewrite the most time consuming part to native. 
or ...?
yum is a realy nice tool, that's what we waiting for since rpm, but it's 

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