[Yum] better error handling in yum?

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Apr 29 22:00:20 UTC 2004

> This particular error message has been discussed many many times.
> It's going away, so lets not get into it in great detail.  The problem
> is that the code must be cross-protocol and there is not alway a
> useful error message to report.  That particular check covers MANY
> problems and it is not always possible to know precisely which of them
> is happening.

You know - it might be useful to say something just a bit more specific.

something is wrong with:
 your connection
 the server
 your worldview
 your politics

ok so just the first two, really.
but something to relate that the problem is at the repo or in your
connection to the repo and not just a problem with the world.

what do you think?


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