[Yum] problems with yum

Lawrence, Steve Steve.Lawrence at factiva.com
Wed Apr 21 21:30:23 UTC 2004

In an attempt to alleviate the worn fingers of Seth, Michael & team.

>From the 'man yum' page :

       Proxy configuration
              If you would like to use a proxy with yum you can simply  set  a
              shell  environment variable of http_proxy. Set it to the url for
              your proxy.  Ex: "http://your_proxy:port/"

This looks like just what you need.


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I have some problems with yum and i would like you to
help me, if there is a solution to my problem of
I get the connection to internet through a proxie
server(it`s my academy`s proxie) and because of this i
can`t connect and so i can`t make the upgrades of my
linux fedora core 1.I wondered if there could be a
modification in the yum.conf file to tell yum that i
use a proxie and so to connect through it.Is this
Thank you for your time!

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