[Yum] yum & proxy, patch

Arnaud Abelard arnaud.abelard at sciences.univ-nantes.fr
Tue Apr 13 07:33:41 UTC 2004


I needed to use yum from a script and i didn't like the idea of having to set 
the variable http_proxy for that.

I modified yum so i could use 2 new configuration variables in yum.conf:
http_proxy and ftp_proxy, it's a simple modification (4 lines in config.py, 1 
un yummain.py and a few in urlgrabber.py).

I was wondering why Seth didn't add this feature before? I remember reading 
something about proxy problems in some version of python...

Seth, are you interested in these modifications?


Arnaud Abélard
Administrateur réseaux et systèmes
Irin / Faculté des Sciences
Université de Nantes

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