[Yum] yum is root-only???

Michael Stenner mstenner at ece.arizona.edu
Tue Apr 6 03:23:08 UTC 2004

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 09:43:20PM -0400, seth vidal wrote:
> > ok those are related to my particular requirements and not somehow else.
> > - --download-only is an option and if used in combination with let's say install 
> > it asks
> > 
> > [install: mod_jk2 2.0.4-4jpp.i386]
> > Is this ok [y/N]: 
> yum --download-only install foo
> Will download foo and all of foo's dependencies then it will exit.
> if you want yum to simply download foo and nothing more then you should
> just use wget.

I think the "confusion" goes something like this:

  yum --download-only install foo

yum then says

  [install: foo 1.4.2-i386]
  Is this ok [y/N]: 

And the user says "hey, I just told you I don't want you to install
it.  I just want you to download it."  The reason for this is that the
questions are asked BEFORE downloading so you can see what will be
done without wasting a bunch of time.  This check is still valuable
(to at least some people) when in --download-only mode.

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