[Yum] yum is root-only???

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Mon Apr 5 16:43:30 UTC 2004

> but with the proper group permissions should be ok, right?

yes - but I didn't see the value in letting it continue.

If you're allowed to update the cache you better have superuser value.

> so it was kind of shortcut instead of full-blown permissions check? Not to be 
> pita, but just out of curiosity I wonder if that's going to change since this 
> is not the most elegant solution (we have more than one admin downloading 
> packages) maybe it's worth another option in config: check for 'root' or 
> check for group?

If you have more than one admin downloading packages at the same time
things will break.  I don't think letting the average user update the
cache just b/c they're a member of a group is necessarily a good idea.


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