[Yum] Cron Problems ...

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Apr 2 15:56:11 UTC 2004

>     Yet another one of my many stupid question ... Again, here in South 
> Africa ( still tring to setup a proxy for my internal servers ), yum 
> runs in the daily cron, if I remember correctly ... The problem I am 
> seeing on busy days, is that yum might fail somewhere and just sit in 
> memory ... leaving no other yum processor to run ... I normally only 
> find this out if I am the sys admin or when I tring and run yum myself 

If yum is failing, it exits, if it is stopping then most likely your
rpmdb has outstanding locks and yum can't get out of it.

if you see yum hung up, kill the process then look in /var/lib/rpm

chances are you have __db files in there, remove them.

> ... Is there some really clever and neat way to get yum to stop during 
> office hours, and then again start after hours? I believe this will 
> really only work to when urlgrabber which yum uses and recover failed 
> downloads ... Can anybody shead some light on my problem, or should I 
> just wait until yum 3.0.0 which will even know what I want to install 
> before I do?

/etc/init.d/yum off
that will keep it from running - then just turn it back on - that will
make it be able to run - hell - just change the time the cron job is run
- take it out of cron.daily put it in cron.mycronjobs then put an entry
in /etc/crontab or /etc/cron.d for it.

> P.S. Just showed a friend yum, and now he thinks Linux is it ... it's 
> kewl that I was able to download quite a few games to proof my point ... 
> Double Thanks.

With no offense to your friend - I think he's easily impressed ;)


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